How To Select The Correct Paddle For You

Step 1

Use the Blade Suitability chart to select the blade best suited to your paddling discipline.

Note that several blades across various price points may be suitable.

Bar Suitability Graph
Step 2

Using the Blade Selection Table, select the suitable blade size for your body weight.

Your power to weight ratio and paddling cadence may assist your selection.

Suitability Blade Size Selection
Step 3

Using the Shaft Selection Table, select the most suitable shaft for your required overall paddle length.

Your selected blade size and preference for a stiff or soft shaft may assist your selection.

Shaft Suitability Selection

Select your preferred handle shape.

ergo handles

Our paddle selection process is suitable for the majority of paddlers but there will be paddlers that will not arrive at their desired result. Personal preference plays a major role in selecting the correct components and this should be taken into consideration prior to purchasing a paddle.